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[Minecraft mod] Build Utils java

Small Minecraft mod that adds various tools to facilitate building things.

Darmo-Utils 1.1 java

I created this library for my personal use to avoid rewriting the same samples of code in each project. I might add more features over time.

Java Swing GUI Framework 1.5 java

A framework to build Java Swing programs.

Image Library 4.0 python

Image Library lets you manage images by associating tags to them.

Jenealogio 1.5 java

Jenealogio is a simple and easy-to-use family tree editor/viewer.

JSON 4 Java 1.3 java

JSON 4 Java is a simple JSON library for Java.

[Minecraft Mod] MC Code java

Scripting language for Minecraft 1.18+.

Minesweeper 1.2.1 java

Minesweeper game in Java.

TI-83 Compiler 1.3 java

A compiler/decompiler for TI-83+ programs.

Unicode Converter 1.1.2 java

A small Unicode characters converter.