TI-83 Compiler 1.3

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A compiler/decompiler for TI-83+ programs.





Source files’ extension must be one of the following: .ti83en, .ti83fr

java -jar TI-83_compiler-<version>.jar <file> -c [[-o] [-L]]


Program files’ extension must be .8xp

java -jar TI-83_compiler-<version>.jar <file> -d -l=<lang> [-i=<indent>]


java -jar TI-83_compiler-<version>.jar -h

Shows command usage and syntax.

java -jar TI-83_compiler-<version>.jar -V

Shows compiler’s version.


See the wiki.

Sources and reference

Token codes from TI-Basic Developer wiki.


  • Added all missing tokens from TI-83+ calculators

  • Redid nearly all escape codes (&<name>;) (cf. wiki)

  • Better command line options handling thanks to picocli

  • Binary files headers should be correctly

  • Actually display helpful error messages

  • Input/output paths are now correctly handled

  • Some instructions have been renamed (see the wiki)

  • χ character now has an alias (&chi;)

  • Instructions can be escaped by using a \\

  • Indentation size can be specified when decompiling

  • Added more explicit error messages

  • Some functions had typos in them

  • Optimisation is now done multiple times until no more token can be removed

  • Program editing can be locked

  • Added new options (-f, -L, -h)

  • Compile programs

  • Optimise compiling option

  • Uncompile programs in desired language (English or French)