Minesweeper 1.2.1

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Minesweeper game in Java.

Planned Features


  • Updated GUI-Framework to 1.5

  • Fixed mines not triggering when uncovering neighbors

  • Clicking on an already discoverd cell will uncover all cells around it if all flags have been put. E.g.: if the cell has a 2 on it, you will need to have flagged 2 cells around it to be able to uncover the rest by clicking it.

  • Scores are no longer sent to the server

  • Fixed Esperanto translation

  • Fixed links to website

  • Score system: once you finish a game, the time taken is saved and is sent to the server (can be disabled)

  • Buttons' size can now be set to the value you want

  • Fixed download link

  • 4 difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard, expert)

  • 3 languages: English, French, Esperanto

  • You can switch between normal and big buttons

  • Updates notifications