Java Swing GUI Framework 1.5

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A framework to build Java Swing programs.

Featured icons are made by FatCow Web Hosting under the Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0) license.

Planned Features


  • Application is now a class: subclasses must define a main() method calling Application.launch(args) method

  • Added isNotDefault method in WritableConfig to test if a tag value is different from default value

  • Updated Darmo-Utils to 1.1 to fix typo in @SubscribeEvent annotation

  • If the selected lang file is not available on startup, default language will be selected (if not available either, framework will exit)

  • Start class renamed GuiFramework

  • ApplicationRegistry.registerApplication() now takes a class instead of an instance object

  • WritableConfig.registerTag() method now registers default value correctly

  • WritableConfig.getTagFromName() method now checks the names in addition to the types

  • Config keys can now be registered properly.

  • The signature for the method Application.preInit() has changed (parameter removed)

  • Some new methods in Application class

  • ApplicationFrame and ApplicationController are now generic

  • Basic classes to make GUI applications