Jenealogio 1.5

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Jenealogio is a simple and easy-to-use family tree editor/viewer.

Currently available languages:

I don't plan to add any more but feel free to send me language files for the language of your choice (I won't be responsible for any translation mistakes). Any typo corrections are also welcome.

You can read the help doc over here (available in English, French and Esperanto).

If you want to see what's coming or what I'm working on, visit my Trello here.

Planned Features


  • Export tree as an image

  • Children can be set as adopted

  • Updates notification (can be turned off)

  • Tree name can be changed

  • Now using Swing GUI Framework

  • Fixed help doc link

  • Fixed encoding errors

  • Fixed missing title for French version

  • Fixed icon resizing in "About" dialog

  • Multiple selection: you can select several cards at once to move or delete them

  • Undo/redo feature

  • Files drag-and-drop

  • You can move the editing zone by clicking the mouse wheel

  • Files versions: you are now warned if you try to load a file made with a more recent version

  • Cross icon has been replaced by a tombstone

  • New cards are now added to the center of the screen

  • Help doc is now hosted on this site

  • Non-marriage relations

  • Multiple relations for the same person (several marriages with different people)

  • Mark a relation as ended

  • When double-clicking a link, you see its information instead of the editing dialog

  • Children are filtered when adding/editing a link

  • You can search for specific people in the “Available children” list

  • Swapped display of family and use names

  • Specify use names in addition to family names

  • Specify additional surnames

  • Comments on cards

  • Partial dates

  • Indicate a person is deceased even when no date or location is specified

  • A symbol is now displayed on the card of a deceased person

  • Fixed links selection

  • Fixed date fields that did not accept blank values

  • Fixed gender display

  • Create and edit trees

  • Attach pictures to cards

  • Customize colors